Linda & Christina Hall at The White Lion Hankelow

This week, we had a visit from JD at Hankelow Noticeboard along with Linda and Christina Hall, the daughter and granddaughter of Thomas Grasser, a GI from the WW2 stationed in Hankelow. Thomas was a GI from Kenosha, Wisconsin who was stationed in Hankelow Court in 1944 with the 193rd Ambulance Company. He was only […]

The “Potting Shed” You may have seen us mention the “Potting Shed” in some of our posts and updates and wonder where it is. It’s not an actual separate shed but a wooden clad part of the main building, off the bar. It’s a great community space, for meetings, meals and it’s where our television […]

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The Potting Shed

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The White Lion Front Sign

The White Lion has been part of the Hankelow community for over 200 years. It seems fitting that when the pub closed its doors in 2016 it was the community who stepped in. The very people it had served over its two centuries of existence – as a community hub, a local spot for a […]